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A Woman of Our Time - an autobiographical novel by Marie Linder


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A Woman of Our Time

An autobiographical novel by Marie Linder.

Countess Marie Linder (o.s. Mussin-Puschkin) wrote under the pseudonym Stella.


The novel is available in finnish (Aikamme Nainen) and in swedish (En qvinna af vår tid).

Her book was published in Swedish, in Helsinki by Theodor Sederholm in 1867, the author's name mentioned as Stella. It was clear to the people of Helsinki that Stella was Marie Linder, the Countess of Kytäjä manor, the daughter of the Russian decabrist, Count Vladimir Mussin-Puschkin. Marie grew up in the care of Aurora Karamzin, and who did not fit into the norms of her time and received a lot of criticism.

She wrote one book,  "A Woman of Our Time”, in which she presents her thoughts of the social status of a woman, the limited roles, the lack of education, and the patronage. The book is not just an autobiographical novel novel, but a statement by a woman ahead of her time on issues that interest her.

Marie was born in Russia in 1840 and died at home in Helsinki in 1870. Marie's mother Emilie Stjernvall died in 1846 and her father in 1854. Marie's older brothers, Vladimir and Alexei, remained in Russia, Marie and her older sister Aline moved into the care of their aunt Aurora Karamzin. Aline died in 1858 and Marie was left alone in Aurora's salons with other noble girls learning social customs.

Marie's guardians were her brothers until Marie married Constantin Linder, the Finnish Guards Officer, in 1860. As the hostess of a large mansion, Marie Linder had many responsibilities and during the years of famine they also included accommodating, feeding, and caring for wandering people. She worked for a association for charity, which distributed food for the hungry, organized lotteries, plays and dances. Marie enthusiastically participated in the activities of the association. She was also a member of the Finnish Art Association and the Finnish Economic Association.

Marie amazed social circles with her livelyness and performance in plays and portraits. In particular, she was mentioned having conversation with Emperor Alexander II asking the emperor to grant Russia religious freedom.


Book translated in finnish by Benita Holopainen, Antikvariaatti Vilho

A stipend was granted by Stiftelsen för bevarandet av Svartå Slotts kulturarv for translating Maries book in finnish.

Copyright: 2009, Benita Holopainen


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